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5 Features to Look for in Dog Leashes

December 20, 2022

Did you know that according to the American Pet Products Association, a poll from 2021-2022 found that 70% of homes had pets? Among those, 69 million American families own at least one dog. Suffice it to say, we love our dogs!

One of the best ways to ensure that your dog always has access to a safe and secure area is by finding the best dog leash – or leashes – for whatever tasks you may have planned for your pooch. You want the shared experience of dog walking or training to be as safe and fun as possible.

So, investing in a quality dog leash that will meet your needs, your dog’s needs, and everything else that comes with it is a priority. Above all, you want to ensure that you have the best dog leash for the task on hand and ready when you need it.

Read on as we highlight five leash types you should consider when looking at dog leashes for your furry best friend.

1. The Standard Leash

Standard leashes are excellent for both daily use and basic dog training. They have a metal clip (or snap) that attaches to the collar at one end and a loop handle at the other.

The 6-foot length is excellent for a dog training leash. But you can find these leashes ranging from 4 to 8 feet in length.

Standard leashes are often flat and made of nylon. However, they can come in a range of widths and materials. They can be narrow for the smallest dogs to wide to accomodate larger and/or stronger dogs.

Both narrow and wide leashes come in a wide variety of materials that make them more comfortable for you as you walk your tiny tea cup dog, your fun loving medium sized dog or your bigger and more powerful dogs.

Many dog owners think that a leather dog leash is more stylish. Leather is very durable and resilient, as well. You might also want to consider rope leashes that are circular rather than flat and are quite robust, also making them ideal for very large or strong dogs.

You can find a few standard leashes made of chains. Although they are heavier, these can be helpful for dogs who try to gnaw at the leash. Most dogs don’t like the taste of metal, but be careful with your pup’s teeth if they continue to chew on the chain.

2. The Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes have a nylon chord or band that extends up to 26 feet and retracts into a plastic case attached to the handle. You can lock any length of the leash into place.

Want to give your dog some space to wander without allowing him to run free? Then retractable leashes are a good choice.

However, don’t use these leashes until your pooch has been well-trained to walk on a standard leash. Otherwise, you risk instilling a bad habit in your dog that pulling on the leash is Okay.

Important training and safety notes: When your dog is on a leash, especially one with a longer length, never allow him out of your sight. The leash can tangle, or your dog might get into a dangerous situation. Also, make it a point to inspect your standard leashes and your retractable leash’s full length, on occasion, for ware, fraying, and any other damaged areas.

3. The Adjustable Leash

Similar to standard dog leashes, adjustable or multi-function leashes include several loops with a clasp to lengthen or shorten the leash. The different sizes can be beneficial for specific kinds of dog training, hands free walking, even walking two dogs at once.

Adjustable leashes make it easy to tie or tether your dog to a pole or other structure. When tethering your dog, remember it shouldn’t remain tethered for long. Also, never leave your pup alone while tethered.

4. Slip Leads

Slip leads, also referred to as slip leashes, function as a dog leash and collar in one. The leash crosses the dog’s head by wrapping around itself. Some slip leads will keep the collar in place with plastic tube slides that glide down the lead.

The collar portion of the leash will tighten if you or your dog pulls on it. If you don’t use this type of lead properly, it can block your dog’s airway if pulled too tight. Also, be mindful that your dog may be able to slip out if it loosens too much around the neck. If you slip leash has a tab, you will want to slide the tab down the leash to prevent it from loosening too much.

Remember to be extra careful when using a slip lead to walk a dog. Many people use slip leads for training their dogs. But, some like them for everyday use or as an extra leash in case your dog is travelling without a collar.

5. The Hands-Free Dog Leash

Hands-free leashes, or dog running leashes, allow you to run or jog with your dog without jerking on your dog’s collar as you move. While it’s common to find one that goes around your waist or, if long enough, slung over your shoulder, some can be configured in other ways to better fit your needs while running.

Bonus: What to Consider Before Buying a Dog Leash

There are a few considerations to think about before clicking the purchase button. Before choosing the best dog leash and collar, take into account the following:

What Are the Leash Laws in Your City?

It is common to find numerous local laws dictating the where and how of leashing your dog. Check out your city ordinances. You don’t want to encounter problems while out with your furry friend.

How Big or Strong Is Your Dog?

A general rule is that the larger the dog, the heavier the leash it can bear. The leash’s weight will vary depending on the material, thickness, and type and quality of the clip (snap).

Also, consider how strong you are when compared to your dog. A shorter leash is safer if the person walking the dog is not as strong.

How Much Freedom Do You Want Your Dog to Have?

A shorter leash will provide you greater control when walking your dog on a busy sidewalk or if you’re still teaching your dog to walk on a leash. You can give your dog the freedom of a longer leash if it behaves well on a shorter one.

What Leash Style Feels Good to You?

Remember, you are the person in charge of the leash. So, your comfort is important too.

Every material has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on which material or style is the best fit for you.

Dog Leashes Keep Your Much-Loved Pet Safe and Secure

Dog leashes are more than a doggy accessory: they play an important role in keeping your fur-baby safe. If you’re ready to discover what a great leash can do for you and your dog, we can help.

Auburn Leathercrafters is family owned and operated. We have been producing dog leashes, dog collars, pet harnesses, and dog toys since 1950 in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Our favorite thing to do is create innovative dog leashes and collars. Contact us or check out our Products section to see our beautiful handmade items.


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