Bridle Leather Dog Collars for Comfort and Durability

October 6, 2020

Today’s consumer is looking for things that are more natural.

The pet industry is no exception. For many years, those shopping for their pets have been searching for natural pet food, natural treats, natural training methods, and products made of natural materials.

Dog collars are no exception.

Options for natural dog collars

There are a few different materials that lend themselves to natural dog collars: cotton ribbon, cotton rope, hemp webbing, and leather, especially vegetable tanned bridle leather.

What is bridle leather?

Bridle leather is one of a few different categories of leathers that are tanned in an age-old process of tanning leather that relies on natural materials such as tree bark and leaves to come up with the beautiful colors and natural longevity of the vegetable tanned leathers, including bridle leathers.

This process lends itself naturally to dog collars and leashes and even dog toys.

If you are looking for a dog collar that is comfortable, durable, and looks good at the same time, you will want to consider a bridle leather dog collar and matching leash.

Why do craftspeople like working with bridle leather?

Bridle leather is incredibly versatile and can be crafted in to anything from furniture, pouches, saddles, and dog collars and leashes.

Bridle leather is a tried and true material, prized by leatherworkers worldwide for its natural beauty. Natural bridle leather is tanned so that the natural characteristics of the leather shows through. Like fine woods that highlight the beautiful grain of the wood, bridle leather’s natural markings are allowed to “shine.”

Bridle leather in the pet industry

Bridle leather is preferred by trainers for its comfort and ease of use. It softens over time, making it comfortable to hold by you and comfortable for your pet to wear. It improves with use, becoming softer and more pliable while maintaining its strength.

Whatever the reason you choose bridle leather, you will enjoy your purchase for years to come.

What makes bridle leather so special?

It’s natural. Bridle leather is tanned with the bark of trees. 

It’s durable. Bridle leather products are meant to be used. Don’t be afraid to let your rough and tumble dog use his or her new collar every day.

It’s long lasting. Expect to use and enjoy your new collar and leash for years, making it a great value.

It doesn’t cause skin irritations like less natural products may. Bridle leather collars are naturally breathable. Where some man-made materials may trap moisture, bridle leather will allow the fur to dry at a more natural rate.

It’s beautiful. Leather dog collars provide a classic look that you as the owner and all onlookers you pass by on walks can enjoy. 

Natural next to your pet’s skin

Just like humans, dogs can suffer painful, irritating allergic reactions to a variety of stimuli. For any pet owner who has experienced the endless scratching and chewing of an uncomfortable dog, you quickly know that you will do just about anything to help improve your pet’s health and quality of life and prevent it from happening again.

Skin allergies are the most common type of allergies in dogs. The most common cause is fleas, but there are other factors to consider, as well. Certain breeds being of dogs are more susceptible to allergies and other skin troubles than others, including Shit Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, and Bulldogs, and larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Poodles and Doodles.

It is important to consider environmental factors, in particular anything that comes in contact with your dog’s skin. This may be anything from grass in the summer or ice melt in the winter, or from shampoos or deodorizers or even something in his diet.

Whatever the cause, it helps to “keep it natural.”

If you notice your dog endlessly scratching around the collar, pulling at his fur, or redness, bumps, or sores that don’t heal, you may want to check with your vet and consider switching to a bridle leather dog collar to help improve her comfort. 

How to care for your bridle leather dog collar

The natural oils of your dog work with the leather to keep it soft and naturally conditioned. Generally speaking, there is no need for daily care.

However, sometimes your dog’s collar needs additional care.

Quality bridle leathers are easy to care for. Simply wipe with a damp cloth if dirty. If you and your pet enjoy long walks in the field or an occasional walk in the rain or swim in a pond, allow to air dry. Drying with a hair dryer or on a heater is not recommended as it will dry the leather. Likewise, it is not recommended that you allow your dog to wear his bridle leather collar in to either salt or chlorinated water, as it will dry the leather. If it happens, don’t panic. Simply rinse in fresh water and allow to air dry.

Treating your dog collar with mink oil will not only condition the leather but will darken the leather to a deep, rich finish.

Note: This a good time to check your collar for signs of wear.

What to expect when you receive your new Bridle Leather Dog Collar and Leash

You will first notice the natural beauty of your dog collar and leash. The natural tanning process allows the beauty and depth of color show through.

You will also notice that the bridle leather starts firm. But this will quickly change as the leather softens with use. To speed the process, simply roll the collar or leash in your hand and it will soften to a very comfortable “hand.”

Quality bridle leather is a great value

Not all leather products are the made to the same standards of quality and excellence. It’s important to purchase from a trusted dealer. Check out our selection of dog collars and contact us today for more information. 


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