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As part of your goal to “help you and your pup live fully,” we are pleased to partner with you and other Central Bark Doggy Day Care locations to provide you with a simple, one-stop place to place your orders with Auburn Leathercrafters. We have filtered through our entire product list to put together a list of basics and some items especially for Central Bark. Feel free to browse the rest of our line and receive the same 5% discount, just for being a Central Bark operator.

Our commitment to you parallels your commitment to your customers. Know that we are here to answer your questions and get you the items you need in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support.

The Auburn Leathercrafters Team

Grooming Restraints

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Sparky's Groomer’s Restraint System in Teal

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Restraint System


Sparky’s Choice Grooming Tether

grooming loop with side release buckle in teal

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Loop

Grooming Belly Band Large Violet

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Belly Band Belt Support Set

Sparky's Choice Grooming Loop Extender in Pink

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Strap Extender