dog showing off handmade dog collars

Handmade Dog Collars – Part II: A Wonderful Gift for Fido

April 16, 2021

Few things in life mean more to us than our four-legged friends. They’re part of our families. They are our companions, our confidantes, and a source of constant joy. We take them with us on walks and often make room for them on our vacations.

When it comes to giving meaningful gifts, a pet product that supports a local business or an artist may be something you will want to consider. Handmade products are as individual as the recipient, and, with a little thought, will help your dog (or your friend’s dog) express their own uniqueness.

But buying handmade dog collars, as it turns out, does more than you may realize. There are, of course, the personal benefits of establishing a meaningful connection with your purchase as the consumer and of knowing that another person made it for you to enjoy. It can also feel empowering to exercise creativity and originality when selecting products that mean something to you, or to your friends and family. Just as you would take the time to select a hand-knit sweater in just the right color (matching scarf optional), you will enjoy searching for just the right collar or leash that matches their pup’s personality – and looks good, too! That makes it as special for you to give as it for them to receive.

Contributing to a greater good with your purchase power creates the best kind of ripple effect. As a dog owner, you sign on for a decade (or more) of supplying everything your dog needs for a happy, healthy life. Cumulatively, there are a lot of decisions that fall on you. As with all of life’s decisions, where you choose to spend your time and your money will have an effect on you, your pup, and the businesses you choose to support.

So, before visiting another super center or department store, consider that opting to support local artisans, even for handmade pet products, does a tremendous amount of good.

You (the dog owner)

a tail we could wag collar on a Labrador RetrieverBuying handmade dog collars adds a uniqueness to your collection of personal items. There is nothing quite like holding an item – be it a blanket, a custom garment, or a handwoven dog collar or dog leash – that another individual put hours of craftsmanship into making for you. It’s a feeling that, regardless of how low the price you might spend for a mass-produced item, you simply cannot replicate from buying a similar item that was made by hand with thought and care put in to both materials and workmanship.

Carefully selecting which brands to support establishes a more meaningful purchase experience. The added effort and time to research brands, study their philosophy, and select those whose values align with yours helps build a connection with the items you buy. When we let these factors play a role in our purchase decisions, we have greater confidence in knowing both how our dollars are being allocated and that our purchases were created and that they found their way to market in a reputable way that aligns with our values.

Them (the artists)

woman in guatemala creating handmade dog collars with colorful weaveIt’s difficult to find a local business that doesn’t also come with a story, one that shows the idea, the vision, the passion behind its beginning. This builds connection to its customers—they can relate, they have shared experiences, or they know the background.

At base level, your local made and handmade purchases are the artists’ income. We have more options now than we ever have, with many resources to help us find them. It’s undeniable: with only a bit of time and effort, you can find handmade dog collars and leashes with a story, a meaning, and a purpose.

a tail we could wag colorful handmade dog collarsTake, for instance, a tail we could wag. This is an Auburn Leathercrafters brand of handmade pet accessories (plus a few goodies for us humans) featuring ribbons made by Mayan artists from the mountains of Guatemala using a special weaving method unique to their culture.

Following a devastating civil war, many women in Guatemala left to raise and support their families. a tail we could wag gives back by providing a source of income for mothers and young women, boosting their local economy, and restoring the overall health and confidence of their community.

Buy Handmade Dog Collars

When you know the where and how the products you purchase are made, you can make meaningful purchases for your pet and for the world in which you live. It is a good feeling to know that how you dress and accessorize your dog has a direct connection to an artist’s craftsmanship. Embrace the uniqueness of a handmade gift that simply cannot be duplicated!

So, consider if handmade dog collars and leashes, like those in the a tail we could wag collection, are right for your best friend. If you have questions about which product is best for your needs, feel free to send us a message us or give us a call at 800-282-8761.