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Handmade Dog Collars – Part I: Thoughtful, Unique, and Sustainable

March 31, 2021

There’s no other dog like yours. Shouldn’t his collar be just as unique? Few items for your pup are more memorable and special than a handmade dog collar. They’re often a unique blend of colors and patterns, and they reflect the personality of the creator. They are eye-catching and your choice will make a statement about your personality and lifestyle. Chosen thoughtfully, they will reflect your dog’s personality and lifestyle, as well. Plus, your dog will get tons of compliments sporting a fresh new collar, chosen just for him!

Our pets are pretty awesome, and they deserve the best. Here you will learn why our handwoven fabrics make great dog collars.
boxer wearing a tail we could wag collar and leash

Handmade Dog Collars by Auburn Leathercrafters

Design and construction – “Sustainable”

Each of the patterns on the front-facing side of these collars is a colorful, handwoven cotton design and is backed with a breathable yet durable nylon webbing for strength and added durability.

For style and functionality, each collar is made using brass dee-ring and a side release buckle for ease of use. These design features make collars both functional and comfortable, and one that you’ll be happy to use as a dog owner or handler.

Our entire line of a tail we could wag handcrafted items for pets and their people are created in partnership with Mayan artists from Guatemala. The brand’s namesake, a poem written by W. H. Auden (1907-1973), captures the essence of the company:

“…in moments of joy, all of us wish we possessed a tail we could wag.”

About the partnership – “Thoughtful”

Mayan weaver creating a tail we could wag handmade dog collarThe story behind our handmade dog collars will make even the most loyal supporters of commercial brands consider supporting a community business.

In partnership with a small group of ethnic Mayan artisans in the highlands of Guatemala, we have created a look and feel that is not only unique but also helps support their small community. We take the color and texture of the hand-woven Mayan crafts, then assemble and finish the products in the U.S. for uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, delivering durable and colorful products.


Past civil wars have left the Mayan people struggling. Women, in particular were the hardest hit. They were often left to raise families on their own. These artisans had few worldly possessions, but they did have a unique style of weaving, creating beautiful patterns that told the story of their culture and their history, a craft passed on through the generations.

a tail we could wag weaverOur partnership with these Mayan artisans creates an opportunity for them to earn an income from their weaving skills. Additionally, our partnership plays an integral role in building community and creating a sustainable income. In our own unique way, we are able to give these wonderful women and their families hope. They are the heroes behind the effort; we are only a small piece. It is us who owe them a debt of gratitude. As we work together, we inspire each other, thus increasing business and the economic wellbeing of the Mayan people.

At Auburn Leathercrafters, a distinct note in our handmade brand of collars is the beautiful and skillfully created fabrics. These patterns are rich in color, texture, and cultural significance. We use both designs that are indigenous to Guatemala and those that have been created specifically for a tail we could wag, making our product line truly unique. The women who create these patterns love to tell their own story through their traditional designs.

The value in supporting local businesses—even overseas

a tail we could wag weaverWe have seen firsthand how this wonderful process works. After spending time with our partners and weavers, watching a new design being woven, and seeing the impact we have on the artisans’ lives, we are even more committed to our thriving partnership. The reward of seeing how proud the Mayans are of their work and sharing in their success is unbeatable.

Today, in a world where Amazon is king and massive commercial brands seem to dominate the market, we are continually impressed by the many and diverse benefits of supporting small businesses—in particular, those operating in at-risk countries like Guatemala. It plays a small, but necessary, part in helping keep communities and cultures intact and families together.

Favorable Features of Handmade Dog Collars


Other company’s polyester collars function well and have a uniform look. But if you want your dog’s accessories to stand out – leash, collar, or both together – the handmade dog collars are likely a favorable choice for you.

Even with the colors and durability one can get using polyester, Auburn Leathercrafters is committed to using nylon & cotton, far superior and natural products. And that also means they are easy to care for and clean. Simply place in a mesh bag and throw in with your regular clothes washing.

handmade dog collar matches leash and belt and key fob a tail we could wag

Match with your pup

Beside dog collars, other fun items are available from A Tail We Could Wag’s product line.

What’s better than stepping out for a walk with a brand new leash to match your handmade dog’s collar? Matching your swag with your dog’s! A Tail We Could Wag also makes items for dog owners: While your dog struts about in a brand new collar, you as the owner get to look just as stylish sporting a handwoven belt or key fob. Your pup can even ask to go out by ringing his own matching door bell strap!

Final Thoughts

Handmade dog collars are fun, uniquely crafted, and help your dog dress in style. Enjoy a durable, colorful, functional, and unique dog collar knowing that your purchase is helping a great cause.

A responsible consumer purchase, with a special story and mission behind its creation, makes for a special gift for your four-legged friend (or your friends’ four-legged friends!).

Take a few moments to consider if a handmade dog collar is right for your best friend, and become familiar with Auburn Leathercrafters products. If you have questions about which product is best for your needs, feel free to message us on the contact us page or give us a call at 800-282-8761.