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Since 1950, Auburn Leathercrafters has been known for our leatherworking. But, today, not all of our products are made of leather. Explore our line of collars, leashes, and complimentary products made especially for your pet and for you. All made in the USA!


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Alpine Bell with Strap

Bear Bell with Leather Strap

Bear Bell with Leather Strap


Bear Bell with Snap

Bell Door Hanger - Bone - Red

Bell Door Hanger – Bone

    • Black Bridle
    • Brown Bridle
    • Red Bridle
Bell Door Haner Bernese Brown

Bell Door Hanger Bernese Mountain Dog

    • Black Bridle
    • Brown Bridle
    • Red Bridle
Cat Bell Hanger Black

Bell Door Hanger Cat

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle
Bell Door Hanger - Heart - Red

Bell Door Hanger Heart

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle
    • Red Bridle
Sale! Bell Door Hanger Pink

Bell Door Hanger Heart – Clearance

Bell Door Hanger - Hydrant - Red

Bell Door Hanger Hydrant

black bell door hanger with ring to hang over door knob and two nickel plated bells

Bell Door Hanger Labrador

    • Black Bridle
    • Brown Bridle

Braided Leash

Two Handled Braided Leash Burgundy

Braided Leash – Two-Handled

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle
    • Tan Bridle
Braided leather pull tab, correction tab, training tab, steady tab

Braided Pull / Correction Tab

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle

Cabachon Collar – Turquoise on Suede


Camouflage Collar


Camouflage Leash


Center Ring Hunting Collar – Leather

Sparky's Choice Center Ring Odorproof Hunting Dog Collar

Center Ring Hunting Collar – Sparky’s


Chain Leash


Cotton Rope Braided Leash


Cotton Rope Braided Slip Leash


Cotton Rope Dog Collars with Leather Accents

Auburn Leathercrafters Cotton Rope Lanyard Turquoise

Cotton Rope Lanyard Traffic Leash

    • Brown Cotton Rope
    • Lime Green Cotton Rope
    • Pink Cotton Rope
    • Red Cotton Rope
    • Turquoise Cotton Rope
    • Violet Cotton Rope
Red, White, and Blue Cotton Rope Snap Leash

Cotton Rope Leashes

Auburn Leathercrafters cotton olive green web training leash with nickel snap

Cotton Web Training Leash