Cotton Rope Slip Leash with Leather Accents


  • Soft, USA Made cotton rope
  • Leather accents
  • Great for training

Product Sizing Guide

6' length

  • Black Cotton Rope
  • Brown Cotton Rope
  • Grey Cotton Rope
  • Maroon Cotton Rope
  • Natural White Cotton Rope
  • Nautical Blue Cotton Rope
  • Pink Cotton Rope
  • Red and White Cotton Rope
  • Red Cotton Rope
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1 review for Cotton Rope Slip Leash with Leather Accents

  1. Lisa

    I’ve been using one of these rope leashes for many years and loved it but it’s gotten a bit dirty over time so I just bought 3 more! It’s very comfortable to hold with my long nails because of its wide diameter. My big blind dog likes to spin in circles and it doesn’t wrap around his legs like thinner leashes do he’s able to step over it while he spins. Shipping to Canada was easy and fast. These leashes are very good quality, I highly recommend trying them out :)

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