A Great Interactive Toy for Play Time!

Recently introduced by Charlotte Reed, Pet Trendologist, on CBS Tampa affiliate, News 10. Thank you, Charlotte, for promoting healthy pet activities, where health is about eating right and exercising.

Natural Cotton Rope + Layers of Natural Veg-Tanned Leather + Cotton Thread = One Incredible, Natural Interactive Toy for you and your pet, perfect for hours of tug or fetch and retrieve!


No glue, staples, squeakers, rivets, foam or batting that could be harmful to a pet. These toys are ideal for interactive play and training purposes.

Available Designs: Baseball, Football, Bone, Ring, and Knotted Rope

Baseball, Football, Bone: Overall measurement, including rope: approximately 18″; Knotted Rope: approximately 12″; Ring: approximately 8″

Proudly Made in the USA!