• Protect delicate tracheas
  • Shearling is both cool and comfortable because it is naturally absorbent
  • Great for training

Product Sizing Guide

Size guide - measuring your dog for a martingale collar

Measuring your dog

When measuring your dog for a martingale collar, keep in mind that the collar will need to be able to slip over your dog’s head, since it doesn’t have a buckle.

First, measure the widest part of your dog’s head. Next, measure your dog’s neck as you would for a standard, buckle-style collar. Use the larger of the two measurements.

Length Fit range Length Fit range
10" 5.5" to 10" 25 cm 14 cm to 25 cm
12" 7.5" to 12" 30 cm 19 cm to 30 cm
14" 10" to 14" 35 cm 25 cm to 35 cm
16" 12" to 16" 40 cm 30 cm to 40 cm
18" 12" to 18" 45 cm 30 cm to 45 cm
20" 14" to 20" 50 cm 35 cm to 50 cm
22" 16" to 22" 55 cm 40 cm to 55 cm
24" 18" to 24" 60 cm 45 cm to 60 cm
26" 20" to 26" 65 cm 50 cm to 65 cm


Custom Engraved Charm - stainless-steel
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1 review for Shearling-Lined Martingale Collar

  1. Lisa

    My dog has a long beard and a wire coat so halti face harnesses and body harnesses just don’t work for his hair type. This marintgale style is perfect for him, (he’s big blind, likes to pull a bit and can slip out of regular collars) the wide shearling puts less pressure on his neck and is easy to put on him. I have two I bought many years ago and I think they will last his whole life. Make sure to measure well, getting the correct size is important. It’s really made walking my dog easier and it’s the only thing he will wear without a fuss.

    • Anita Dungey (verified owner)

      Thanks, Lisa! It’s so important to have the correct products that work with your particular situation! We are glad we are able to help!

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