Tuscan Collar – Crystallized

Tuscan Collar – Crystallized


  • Supple Tuscan leather
  • Comes in a variety of beautiful colors
  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals


Our popular Tuscan Italian leather collar, plus the eye-catching gleam of brilliant, high quality crystals!

The exterior of the Crystallized Tuscan Collar is beautiful Italian leather while the interior is soft, flexible and durable domestic leather assuring that this collar will remain beautiful for years of use.

From the first day you use this fine Italian leather collar, it will be soft yet durable. Made with Acqua, a leather originally developed for the marine industry, these collars are resistant to stains, spills, mildew, and bacteria.

Assembled with bright nickel hardware and fine edge stitching for a stylish look.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Black, Blue, Bright Red, Brown, Cobalt Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Slate Grey, Turquoise, White, Yellow


8" x 1/2", 10" x 1/2", 12" x 5/8", 14" x 3/4", 16" x 3/4", 18" x 1", 20" x 1", 22" x 1", 24" x 1-1/4", 26" x 1-1/4"


One Row of Crystals, Three Rows of Crystals, Two Rows of Crystals


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Collar Sizing

How to measure your dog for a collar

Measure at the narrowest point of your dog’s neck, just as tight or loose as you would like the new collar to fit. The collar should be snug, without being so tight that it will cause discomfort or loose enough to slide over your dog’s head.

As a rule of thumb, a well-fitting collar should leave just enough room for you to slide two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Length Fit Range Length Fit Range
8" 6" to 8" 20 cm 15 cm to 14 cm
10" 8" to 10" 25 cm 14 cm to 25 cm
12" 10" to 12" 30 cm 25 cm to 30 cm
14" 11" to 14" 35 cm 27 cm to 35 cm
16" 13" to 16" 40 cm 33 cm to 40 cm
18" 14" to 18" 45 cm 30 cm to 45 cm
20" 16" to 20" 50 cm 40 cm to 50 cm
22" 18" to 22" 55 cm 45 cm to 55 cm
24" 20" to 24" 60 cm 50 cm to 60 cm
26" 22" to 26" 66 cm 55 cm to 66 cm
30" 26" to 30" 76 cm 65 cm to 76 cm
34" 30" to 34" 86 cm 76 cm to 86 cm

See our complete Size Guide for more information.

Tuscan Care Instructions

Auburn Leathercrafters’ Tuscan line is naturally water repellent. If additional care is necessary, we recommend gentle cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. Never use harsh solvent-based cleaners. Applying Leather BriteTM conditioner (available at LeatherBrite.com) will nourish the leather and help repel dirt and oils. A leather conditioner and protector such as Leather Brite tm may be applied according to instructions. The use of saddle soap or household cleaners is not recommended.


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