padded red black high quality dog collars on large white poodle

Why You Can’t Beat Quality Bridle Leather Dog Collars

April 29, 2021

Dog collars come in many styles and materials. Quality bridle leather was perhaps the first material used to make dog collars and leashes. To this day, it remains the gold standard.

Even if a spiked dog collar (along with the stately pyramid-adorned collar, spiked collars were used to protect the necks of dogs from predators (think of a Chihuahua being picked on by a big dog) isn’t for you, there are many options available. At Auburn Leathercrafters, we specialize in one product that outshines the rest: the classic, quality leather dog collars.

Dog collars obviously should function well and fit comfortably on your pup. But never should you sacrifice quality for comfort or function. Investing in a well-built high quality dog collar will mean the product will maintain its appeal, will last longer, and will save you money. No one wants to make repeat purchases, especially on bargain-level canine gear that doesn’t last very long. Built-to-last pet products, on the other hand, serve your best return on investment.

How can you learn to recognize and care for quality dog collars? Let’s walk through all the benefits of quality leather dog collars, and how to practice proper care.

Quality Dog Collar Material

Even in our Amazon-centric consumerism of fast fashion and immediate purchases, we at Auburn Leathercrafters continue to thrive by positioning ourselves as a brand of superior products. Often synonymous with quality and luxury, leather is our forte. Given it’s natural beauty, classic look, and durability, leather remains a favored material for making high-quality items. And, for high quality dog collars, leather wins when it comes to comfort, durability, environmental impact, and style.

Auburn Leathercrafters Center Ring CollarAs far as our research shows, we are the oldest manufacturer of dog collars in the United States. From its beginning in 1950, Auburn Leathercrafters has been producing quality leather dog collars, harnesses, leashes, training equipment, and other canine products. Since Alan’s grandfather, Everett Dungey founded the company, we’ve been honing our manufacturing processes so that we can continue to provide the best in the market. Our products are also made in the United States: made to last, not for mass-production.


The fabric, materials, and quality of craftsmanship you use to get dressed every day affects your appearance. The same principal applies to your dog. If Fido is wearing something cheap that rips, dirties easily, is difficult to keep clean, looks cheap, and is generally of poor design, it sends the wrong message. You want to offer the best you can – you want to show that your dog is worthy of the best quality collar available.Tan Lake County Collar Stitched


Beyond comfort and fit for your dog, is how it feels. When walking your dog, you want to hold a material that feels comfortable on your hands, especially when leash training a puppy, bigger dogs, or a those prone to pulling. Leather is a strong material that gets more comfortable the more it is used. This is why equestrian riders can guide massive horses with small but very sturdy leather reins guided by their fingers.

Strength for High Quality Dog Collars

Tensile strength is a must in quality leather dog collars, no matter the size or breed of dog. Puppy wearing a GI CollarOf course, the larger the breed, the more they (and you) benefit from its strength. High-grade leather straps reinforced firmly with sturdy metal hardware create an item that your dog will enjoy wearing. And he’ll surely get plenty of compliments in such a handsome ensemble. He may not know what’s being said, but he’ll certainly love the attention!

Cheap or weak collars break easily and are not only a nuisance, but if it breaks while you’re using it, it can create a frightening and dangerous situation. Prevention is the first step in safety; start with the right equipment.

Care of Quality Leather Dog Collars

With proper care, quality bridle leather dog collars can stay strong and supple for many years. Any top-of-the-line item will require some maintenance to keep its function, plasticity, and shape. Quality leather is very easy to care for. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. Using a blow dryer or other form of heat will cause the leather to prematurely dry and crack. The natural oils from your dog’s coat will, naturally, help keep the collar supple. If you do need to clean the collar, generally speaking, a damp cloth will do the trick. If you need to, saddle soap is a good product to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Then, allow to air dry, out of the sun, as you normally would.

Padded Leather collar in black and pinkUse in salt water is never recommended for leather. However, if your dog does go into salt water or a chlorinated pool, rinse immediately and allow to air dry.

If quality leather dog collars or harnesses have already started to smell, you can combine 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and baking soda and mix it in hot water. Soak the collar in the mixture, scrub it, and rinse thoroughly with hot water. Once dry, apply leather conditioner to re-hydrate.


Beyond making a great product, Auburn Leathercrafters offers excellent customer service. We make a point to address all customer questions and concerns. The company president, Anita Dungey, often answers client questions herself, her responses often found on the company Facebook page. Auburn has built a reputation of expendient service – if any product does not meet a customer’s satisfaction, just let us know, and we will work with you to make it right.


As you surely know, a litany of glowing reviews can completely boost brand perception. For the consumer that prefers that added assurance in their purchase decision, Auburn Leathercrafters has established that tenure in the market, having earned a broad accrual of positive customer feedback. We’ve been reviewed by TheDogGeek (which has praised our products as “very sturdy” and “high quality leather”), ShopperApproved, and DogTipper. We also have numerous positive client reviews on our Facebook page.

In Summary

You and your dog deserve better than cheap poly or bonded leather that is never really comfortable and doesn’t last. Nothing outshines high quality leather dog collars, a stand-out product that looks great on all breeds. Invest in quality, spend time on regular upkeep, and you’ll be rewarded with a product that will last you and your dog for many years to follow.

So, consider upgrading to quality leather dog collars, and become familiar with Auburn Leathercrafters products. If you have questions about which product is best for your needs, feel free to message us on the contact us page or give us a call at 800-282-8761.