dog loves to accessorize with stylish and functional dog collar accessories

Stylish & Functional Dog Collar Accessories

April 26, 2021

Frankly, the most important function of a dog collar is, well…function! It needs to deliver on safety, comfort, and adjustability. Collars ensure safety for you, your dog, other dogs, and other people. Fit also matters, as you want it to lay comfortably on your dog’s neck but not pose a safety issue if it slips off too easily.

But, beyond the function, a few dog collar accessories could bring a distinct flare to your dog’s gear.

Adding some pizzazz to your dog’s wardrobe is fun and brings personality to your puppy’s outfit. But consider this: what if – in addition to being a cute add-on – your dog collar accessories improved your pet’s safety too?

You’re in luck! At Auburn Leathercrafters, we offer accessories that provide both convenience and yes, even safety features for our beloved dogs. And for new ideas and inspiration on accessorizing Fido’s collar, read on.

Alpine Bell

Country Cow Bell

Dog Collar Accessories: Safety and Sound

We offer a range of strap-on bells – great for both collars and harnesses – that jingle as your dog moves. A dog bell can serve a few purposes. If your dog is not prone to barking, listening for the sound of the bell jingling on their collar can alert you to their presence before you see them. The reassuring jangle of their bell can also help you locate them if you lose sight of them on a walk or a hike.

Bear Bell with Leather Strap

Bear Bell with Snap

For the active dog owner who takes to hiking in wooded areas where bears roam, a necessity for your safety kit is a bear bell. These are made to alert other creatures to your presence (click here to hear how they sound). Bears tend to frighten off when people are near; hiking with sound devices helps maintain distance between you, your dog, and surrounding wildlife. Both our specialty Bear Bells and Sportsman’s Dog Bells come available with a snap-on strap or a leather strap.

Country Cow Bell

Sound can also be more for sentimental purposes. With the ring of our brass Country Cow Bell, for instance, you’ll be brought right back to Grandma’s farm. Available in small, medium, and large, this hefty bell hangs off a burgundy strap you can attach to most any animal’s collar (dog, goat, or cow).

So, whether for personal use in your house or property or out in nature, attachable bells can be a great item to track your dog’s whereabouts, alert them to other animals or people, and customize your jingle.

Dog Collar Accessories: StyleAlpine Bell

You may have a specific look in mind when choosing accessories for your dog, or your preference may shift with season, location, or occasion. Look no further! Our products are available in various aesthetics for every style. Our handsome Alpine Brass Bell with its leather strap might remind you of Clydesdales pulling a carriage at Christmas time. They are sized just right for large dogs like a Bernese Mountain Dog or a St. Bernard.

Training: Other Dog Accessories

a tail we could wag Bell Strap

Sleigh Bell Strap - Red

For the home, a bell strap works well as a training tool when teaching your dog how to signal that he wants to go out. Show your dog how to associate the bell ringing with the door opening by doing both together. Once he learns to ring the bell on his own by nudging it with his nose, he can use this to alert your attention when he needs to go potty. This dissuades dogs from barking or scratching the door, sparing you extra noise and door damage. Our bell straps are also hand-woven by our a tail we could wag team.

Similar to bell straps, our door hanger works to decorate and train but are available in several shapes.

Dog Collar Accessories: More to Consider

Let’s not forget accessories for you, the owner. Match your dog’s collar, leash, or both with a key fob you can carry, such as one of these artisanal Guatemalan keychains. Our popular a tail we could wag brand includes handwoven key fobs, dog collars, leashes, and bell straps all crafted by Guatemalan artists partnered with our business. (Learn more about the local artists we work with.)

For a real statement, coordinate with your dog’s leash or collar with a matching belt!

And, of course, there’s nothing quite like a handmade gift. Compact and thoughtful, our dog collar accessories make great stocking stuffers or birthday presents. Consider a door hanger as a housewarming gift, or a dog collar bell for a friend’s new puppy. And, of course, your in-laws on the farm would appreciate a new cow bell!

Our handmade and unique dog collar accessories are a fun way to bring personality to your pup’s gear. If you have questions about which product is best for your needs, feel free to send us a message us or give us a call at 800-282-8761.