Enjoy together time with a practical, stylish, and long-lasting leash. A good leash will soon be as much a part of your daily adventures as the sound of the door opening and the bell ringing to go out.



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Traditional Earth pattern dog leash

a tail we could wag Leash


American Traditions Leather and Ribbon Dog Leash


Braided Leash

Two Handled Braided Leash Burgundy

Braided Leash – Two-Handled

Braided leather pull tab, correction tab, training tab, steady tab

Braided Pull / Correction Tab

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle

Camouflage Leash


Chain Leash


Cotton Rope Combination Harness / Leash – Easy as 1-2-3!

Cotton Rope Lanyard and Traffic Lead Turquoise

Cotton Rope Lanyard Traffic Leash

Red, White, and Blue Cotton Rope Snap Leash

Cotton Rope Leash

Grey Cotton Rope Slip Leash

Cotton Rope Slip Leash

Auburn Leathercrafters cotton olive green web training leash with nickel snap

Cotton Web Training Leash


Dog Show Lead

Dover Court Leash in royal blue

Dover Court Leash


Flower Leash


Heirloom Leash

Auburn Leathercrafters' red Jingle Bell Studded Leash

Jingle Bell Studded Leash


Kennel Slip Leash


Kennel Slip Leash / 1/4″ Show Slip Lead

Basic Braided Leash Auburn Leathercrafters Tan

Lake Country Basic Braided Leash


Lake Country Stitched Leash


Leather Training Leash

Leather Coupler Group

Leather Two-Dog Walking Coupler


Manhattan Patent Leather Leash


Maxwell & Madison Leashes 1/2″