Colorful USA-made BioThane® is waterproof, easy-clean, and durable.



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Sparky's Choice Center Ring Odorproof Hunting Dog Collar

Center Ring Hunting Collar – Sparky’s

Sparky's Choice Coupler Orange

Sparky’s Choice Coupler

Grooming Belly Band Large Violet

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Belly Band Belt Support Set

grooming loop with side release buckle in teal

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Loop

Sparky's Groomer’s Restraint System in Teal

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Restraint System

Sparky's Choice grooming teather

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Safety Tether

Sparky's Choice Grooming Loop Extender in Pink

Sparky’s Choice Grooming Strap Extender

blue Sparky's Choice Leash with d-ring in handle

Sparky’s Choice Leash


Sparky’s Choice Leash – original 4′ length

Sparky's Choice orange leash keeper with scissor snap and adjustalbe disk

Sparky’s Choice Leash Keeper

Sparky's Choice Leash in the color orange coiled and secured with Sparky's Choice Keeper

Sparky’s Choice Long Leash with Leash Keeper

Auburn Leathercrafters Sparky's Choice Waterproof Collar Purple

Sparky’s Choice Side-Release Buckle Collar

Sparky's Choice Slip Leash in Green

Sparky’s Choice Slip Leash

Sparky's Standard Buckle Collar Red

Sparky’s Choice Standard Buckle Collar