a tail we could wag Leash


  • Handmade Guatemalan cotton weave
  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Nylon webbing lined
  • Solid brass snap
  • Hand or machine washable if needed

Product Sizing Guide

A 1/2" width leash is best for small dogs and for x-small and small collars. The 1" width is suited for medium and large dogs and for collars sized medium, large, and x-large. Length is a personal choice. Choose a length appropriate for your personal preferences, environment, size of your dog, and specific walking conditions.

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  1. Linda M. McAllister

    Do you sell round collars? These shown are flat and I need a rolled collar for my Airedale?

    • Anita Dungey (verified owner)

      Thank you for asking. Round Collars were were one of the first collars we introduced more than 70 years ago. Our round collars can be found here: https://auburndirect.com/product/rolled-collar/

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