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4 Benefits of a Rope Dog Collar

March 15, 2021

When you think of a rope collar, you may first picture something you’d use to lead a farm animal—a horse, cow, or goat, for instance. But, believe it or not, cotton rope also makes a great and practical collar for dogs. It’s strong, attractive, and affordable. And, if you’re concerned about harmful side effects from using a prong collar or a check chain, then a rope dog collar may be a better option.

Read on to learn more about why you might consider using a rope dog collar for your furry friend.

Specs for Rope Dog Collars


Rope making happens in four phases: The fibres or filaments are prepared for spinning into yarns. Then, the fibres or filaments are spun or bunched into yarns and yarns into cords to make ropes. Next, several yarns are twisted or formed into strands, until finally three or more strands are twisted into rope, a process called “laying.”

Auburn Leathercrafters Natural Cotton Rope and Leather Dog Collars are strong, soft, and comfortable. We use US grown and produced cotton rope and genuine Wickett & Craig chestnut bridle leather and a solid brass buckle and dee-ring. All of this makes this collar not only functional and comfortable, but one that is attractive for both everyday use and for special outings.


Rope dog collars are soft and therefore a good consideration for dogs with sensitive necks, notably for breeds with thinner coats prone to irritation from rubbing.

But don’t let the softness of our cotton rope collars and leashes fool you. Rope is strong and stable. Remember the verse, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”? They’re also strong and stable, even when bent, twisted, and pulled, just like your dog would do. More specifically, quality rope has fantastic tensile strength, which is measured by dividing maximum load that a material can support when stretched, by the cross-sectional area of the material.

All of this makes rope collars a great choice for outdoor activities, like camping and hiking, with your four-legged pal.


For medium to larger breeds, ½ inch-diameter rope, such as what Auburn Leathercrafters uses, is an appropriate choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Try to stay away from very thin rope, especially for dogs with delicate tracheas.

If also using a rope leash, length will depend on personal preference and activity of choice. Rope collars paired with rope leashes are great for outdoor activities like hiking, given their strength, style, and comfort.

Features of Rope Dog Collars

1. Safety

One study found that “dogs manhandled with check chains and prong collars have shown laryngeal, oesophageal, thyroidal, tracheal damage and calcinosis circumscripta-like lesions may develop as a result of muscle trauma.” In other words, harsh materials and restraint mechanisms can cause neck, muscle, and throat injury to dogs when used, fitted, or used improperly.

Grey Cotton Rope Slip LeashThe same study also showed that, among eight types of collars tested, the rope slip leash showed one of the lowest-pressure options (second only to a lurcher collar, made for slim-necked sighthounds). Keeping the safety and comfort of your pet in mind, rope dog collars are worth consideration as you are searching for the best collar for your dog.

While some dogs may require more restraint than others, as the owner, it is your responsibility to understand the risks involved with choosing certain types of collars or restraints. Your safety and that of those around you certainly matter, but so also does the safety of your pup.

2. Varied Securing Mechanisms

Many rope-style dog collars are made with standard buckles. This allows you to fit the collar to your dog’s specific neck size and to the breed’s proportions, specifically as relates to the head and the neck.

Some rope collars are designed to function as slip collars. In this instance, make sure you are using the collar for training and do not leave it on the dog for play and especially as a tie-out.

3. Cost-efficient

Rope dog collars tend to be affordable. Materials include cotton, poly, nylon, and hemp, allowing you to choose a design and material that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Keep in mind that “value is more than a number on a price tag. Real value come with a product that meets your needs and that will last.”

4. Sustainable

Both cotton rope and leather are biodegradable, making them good for the environment. And, if you are choosing carefully, you can choose to purchase from manufacturers who employ modern manufacturing processes that are clean and sustainable. For both value and sustainability, be sure to choose products that will last.

Final Thoughts about Rope Dog Collars

Why choose a rope dog collar? It’s a sturdy option, well-suited for most breed sizes, especially medium and large breeds. Due to its strength and durability, it’s a fun option for dogs and owners who engage in rugged activities, outdoor play and trail-blazing. It’s strong, long-lasting, and a good value. Owners who like a touch of style on their rope collars will love the leather accents and brass hardware. From Auburn Leathercrafters.

Why Auburn Leathercrafters

Dog ownership is a journey of training, bonding, and companionship. It is marked by milestones of puppyhood, adulthood, and maturity. During each phase of your “journey”, you will have to make decisions that meet the needs of your particular situation as you choose training, boarding, toys and training aids, cleanup, and exercise.

Since 1950, Auburn Leathercrafters has been manufacturing dog collars, dog leashes, pet harnesses and toys in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Central New York State, USA. We are proud to produce USA made genuine leather products. Auburn Leathercrafters is a family owned and operated business. For three generations, our family members, along with our loyal staff of skilled craftspeople, have been ready to assist you with your stores’ needs.

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