The Difference Leather Edge Finishing Makes

The Difference Leather Edge Finishing Makes

October 24, 2017

Auburn Leathercrafters products are already exceptional for their quality, durability, and appearance. But many collars and leashes go above and beyond with the finishing touches—specifically edge finishing.

Hand-finished edges on Auburn Leathercrafters collars, leashes, and accessories look gorgeous. But this is about more than just aesthetics. These products feel good too⁠—to you and your pet!

Advantages of Edge Finishing

  • Regular walks are healthy for you and your dog, and you’ll want a leash that’s comfortable to hold on those long jaunts, plus attractive around town.
  • Dogs with short fur will appreciate the feel of a collar with smooth finished edges, as they won’t dig into the skin.
  • Long-haired breeds benefit from edge finishing as well, because a nicely finished collar will glide through their fur better than a collar that is rough, either on the edges or the collar’s material itself.
  • Finished the edges by skiving to a smooth, gently rounded surfaces results in a collar or leash that is comfortable for you and your pet.

Edge Finishing Methods

Auburn Leathercrafters uses a hand-finishing method called skiving to smooth and gently round the surfaces. The result is comfort for you and your dog, whether a collar or leash.

For some collar designs, Auburn goes the extra mile by finishing the edges with paint or dye plus a clear top coat for a more “formal” look.

For the product lines with the edges left “natural”—that is, not painted or dyed—and only skiving the edges until they are smooth and gently rounded, the end result is a product that is a little more rustic and natural and that will soften and become more beautiful as it is worn and absorbs the natural oils from your dog’s coat. But just as with the formal collars, the handcrafted edges are anything but “unfinished.”

Edge Finishing… on a Roll

Edge finishing is especially important with round (or rolled) collars. The most common reason for someone to purchase a rolled collar is because it will not tangle the dog’s coat as it moves through the fur. This is especially important for dogs with long fur. But not all rolled collars are equal—and not all are finished with the care and craftsmanship of Auburn Leathercrafters’ round collar.

It is important for a dog with long fur to have a collar that will move through the coat so that matting and breaking down of the fur will not occur. For that reason, groomers often recommend a rolled collar. Employing the same meticulous skiving method, the Auburn version glides smoothly through even long coats. Edge finishing combined with a traditional crafting process ensures that the collar will keep its shape, and won’t break (so it won’t twist and cause the hair to mat or break). Collies, labs, and pups in between will love an Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Collar.

Check out our large selection of edge-finished Auburn Leathercrafters products in our store.

Al Dungey skiving rolled collars (also known as round collars)

Al Dungey skiving rolled collars (also known as round collars)


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