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How to Choose the Best Cat Collar

October 15, 2022

Is it time to buy a collar for your cat or kitten? If so, you’ll soon discover that there are literally thousands of options out there – and most of them are cute!

That said, not every design will be safe and comfortable for your fur baby. In fact, the wrong cat collar could even cost your kitty its life!

If that last line made you nervous, relax. You’re in the right place. Read on to learn all about how to choose a new cat collar, including tips on how to be sure your furry friend is safe.

Only Use a Purpose-designed Cat Collar

While it might be tempting to use an adorable bracelet, piece of string, a bandana, or a collar designed for a different type of pet, you should only use collars that are intended for cats.

Other objects could pose entanglement hazards, choking hazards, or worse – lead to strangulation. It’s also important to note that your collar should be sturdy enough to hold pet identification tags. That way, if your cat somehow gets out, they’ll have a better chance of making it back home.

Break-away Styles, Especially for Outdoor Cats

Read this before you purchase a cat collar – it could save your pet’s life!

Cats that jump and climb, especially outdoors, can be accidentally caught by the collar, leading to strangulation. While this might sound shocking, it’s sadly common. After all, who knows what your kitty is getting into while you aren’t around.

Save yourself the heartbreak and keep your furry friend safe by buying a collar that will release when put under this type of pressure. That way, should your cat get hung up on its collar, the buckle will simply break away.

While break-away collars might sound a bit less cool than other options out there, the truth is that they’re just as cute. You can even grab a matching key fob if you feel like coordinating outfits!

Find the Right Fit

Another top factor to consider before you buy a cat collar is whether or not your pet will continue growing. If so, you’ll want to purchase a size that leaves them plenty of room.

Longer-haired cats can also benefit from a slightly looser collar, to help prevent matting and clumping.

While you’re focused on your pet’s comfort, you should also observe their behavior around collars. Some cats don’t do well with bells or clinking tags, while others prefer a thin and less intrusive band.

Is it ever OK to use a regular collar on a cat?

Does your cat seem eager to explore the world outside your home? If you don’t live in an area that’s safe for outdoor cats, you could try using a lead or leash, and going for walks together. If you do, this is the time to use a cat collar with a standard buckle and not one with a breakaway buckle. If you are concerned about your cat wriggling out of a collar, you might want to consider a harness, instead.

We promise you won’t be the first crazy person to ever walk a cat on a leash!

Check Out These Awesome Pet Accessories

Now that you know how to shop for a new cat collar, it’s time for the fun part – choosing a design that you love. Just remember, you should never opt for image over safety, as you never know when your kitty might get into unexpected trouble.

For a perfect blend of safety and style, check out Auburn Leathercraft’s a tail we could wag cat collars. They’re sure to look great on your fur baby, and keep them safe during their everyday adventures.

Auburn Leathercrafters is a family-owned and operated business. Since 1950, we have been manufacturing dog collars, dog leashes, pet harnesses, and toys in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Central New York State, USA.


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