Training Leads

For those of us who are trusted with the care of dogs and other furry companions, we look for tools that will reliably meet our needs. We offer a variety of options that will meet your needs with grace and style.


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Two Handled Braided Leash Burgundy

Braided Leash – Two-Handled

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle
    • Tan Bridle
Braided leather pull tab, correction tab, training tab, steady tab

Braided Pull / Correction Tab

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle
Auburn Leathercrafters Cotton Rope Lanyard Turquoise

Cotton Rope Lanyard Traffic Leash

    • Brown Cotton Rope
    • Lime Green Cotton Rope
    • Pink Cotton Rope
    • Red Cotton Rope
    • Turquoise Cotton Rope
    • Violet Cotton Rope
Grey Cotton Rope Slip Leash

Cotton Rope Slip Leash

Auburn Leathercrafters cotton olive green web training leash with nickel snap

Cotton Web Training Leash


Kennel Slip Leash

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle

Kennel Slip Leash / 1/4″ Show Slip Lead

    • Black Bridle
    • Burgundy Bridle

Leather Training Leash

Auburn Leathercrafters black nylong web training leash

Nylon Training Leash

reflective black escape proof easy 1-2-3 leash to harness

Reflective Combination Harness / Leash – Easy as 1-2-3!

reflective black nylon slip leash with 3 rows of reflective strips

Reflective Rope Slip Leash – New Colors


Reflective Rope Slip Leash – Original Colors

    • Green Reflective
    • Orange Reflective
    • Pink Reflective
    • Red Reflective

Two Dog Walker / No Tangle Leash – Leather


Two Dog Walker / No Tangle Leash – Web