A woman sitting on a bench in city park pets a Rottweiler wearing an a tail we could wag Side-Release Dog Collar and Leash

Why Do Doggie Daycares Love Quick-Release Dog Collars?

May 30, 2023

As a pet product manufacturer, we talk with a lot of people from across the pet industry. One thing we’ve picked up from these conversations is that doggie daycare workers have strong feelings about certain products – and when it comes to dog collars, they have a clear favorite: quick-release dog collars.

Note: Quick-release dog collars use side-release buckles – the ones that you squeeze to open, separating the prong side from the sheath side. They’re sometimes called “side-squeeze buckles.”

So why do doggie daycares like quick-release collars so much? First and foremost, they are incredibly easy to use. The side-release buckle can be opened with one hand, which is essential for busy doggie daycare workers who may need to hold onto a dog or leash with their other hand. This can be particularly helpful if a dog’s collar gets tangled while playing with other dogs or gets caught on a bush or obstacle.

a tail we could wag Side-Release Dog CollarsAnother benefit of quick-release collars is that they are faster to open and close than traditional prong buckles. This can be especially helpful in an emergency situation, where quick action is needed to keep a dog safe. When you are entrusted to care for many dogs at a time, you take both speed and ease of use seriously.

Anyone challenged with hand strength or dexterity will also appreciate that quick-release collars require less hand strength to operate. This makes them a great choice for dog owners as they age.

Side-release buckles are commonly made from plastic, like the ones we use for our a tail we could wag handwoven cotton dog collar. They are also often made from metal, which you’ll see on our Sparky’s Choice Side-Release Buckle Collar and Seneca Side-Release Buckle Collar.

In addition to the basic side-release buckle design, there are a few specialized variants. Breakaway buckles are side-release buckles designed to slide open when pulled with a slight to moderate amount of force. This safety feature prevents the pet from getting stuck if their collar is snagged. Breakaway buckles are most often used on cat collars, like our a tail we could wag handwoven cotton cat collar. They are rarely seen on dog collars, since they’re not suitable for use with leashes.

A less-common variant is the locking side-release buckle. In contrast to breakaway buckles, these are designed to provide additional resistance against being pulled open. These buckles are likely not appropriate for doggie day care operators, for obvious reasons.

At the end of the day, quick-release dog collars offer a simple and effective solution for managing dogs in a variety of situations. Whether you’re running a busy doggie daycare facility or just looking for a user-friendly collar for your furry friend, quick-release collars are a great option to consider.